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People of Whitby

Thanks for taking the time to check me out. If you picked up a sampler CD in the last couple of days and you like what you hear, please ‘Like’ me on Facebook, ‘Follow’ me on Twitter, and keep an eye on this website for the release date of my debut Album ‘Sotto Voce’… Finally, please help spread the word by telling your friends about Isolation Division. Cheers!

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Mastering Reference…

3 HandsThis morning I received the first mastering reference CD from Nigel at Lowland Masters. I’ve only had chance to take a quick listen, but I’m very pleased with what I’ve heard so far. I have no idea what magic Mastering engineers do, but it definately works. It takes the whole recording up a notch in the production stakes and gives it that polished finish that makes it stand out just that little bit more.

I still have some more work to do on the final artwork and I’m still waiting for costs on a licence for the cover version I want to include, but slowly things are coming together.

If you are in Whitby this weekend be sure to look out for a two track sampler CD that I’ll be distributing to random people, leaving in various pubs and on flyer tables.

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8 track CD, Sotto Voce, coming soon

While you wait for the CD release here are a couple of demo tracks…

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