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New band member

I am pleased to announce that Steve Drawbridge from my other band, Distorted Pictures, has now joined Isolation Division on drums. We will soon be starting work on a new EP for release some time in the new year… Welcome Steve:-)

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Album reviews

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In case you need further persuasion that you need to buy a copy the CD, below is a selection of reviews of ‘Sotto Voce’…

“Do you remember those words from Pete Shelley where he sang about ‘ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t ‘ve’? In my case it must be The Chameleons. If there’s one band who can bring me both joy and pain, it must be them. And look, all of a sudden comes a band from Manchester who decided to cover the greatest track ever written…”Tears” by The Chameleons and they even make it something their own. … “Sotto Voce” has become a labour of love that feels like the solo-album of Mark Gardener (yeah, him from Ride) that we were always waiting for but it never came.”  – Peek-a-boo Magazine

“die man liebt: Die Stimme erinnert an eine heisere Version von For Against oder Teardrop Explodes, die Gitarren und der Bass könnten von den Chameleons oder Modern Eon entlehnt sein, die Trommein bräuchten vielleicht ein wenig mehr Innovation, die Keyboards klingen angenehm minimalistisch. Selbst die gewagte Coverversion von Tears das einst die Chameleons sangen, bewältigt er in aller Ehre. Und sein persönlicher Hitsong Valentine ist bei weitem nicht der einzige Edelstein, den man sich hier herauspicken kann. Man nehme Merry Go Round, Cross My Heart Triad oder Mr Magpie. Ach, eigentlich sind alle Songs gut. Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass genügend Leute dies entdecken… Nebenher spielt Mat Thorpe übrigens bei der sehr empfehlenswerten Band Distorted Pictures an der Seite von Musikern von Legion und Rhombus. Wir werden von ihm Hören.”Sonic Seducer

“Absorbing Indie magic!… dense aromatic indie in ‘Merry Go Round (My Spring Will Come)’ which is quite gorgeous and in a way makes me think of a modern equivalent to the deeper side of Postcard Records… ‘Mr Magpie’ is a finely wrought, delicate ascending treat. ‘Winter Walking’ drifts, luxuriously soothing and there’s a genuinely touching, totally open emotional story to finish with in ‘Mother.’”Mick Mercer

“Rousing swirling backdrops exploit the very best parts of the north’s darker bound legacies”

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