IDMatIsolation Division started life as the solo project of Mat Thorpe. Mat has played in several local bands over the years, culminating in playing Bass for The March Violets at their 2007 reunion gig at Leeds Uni. This gave him the confidence to begin work on what was to become his debut album ‘Sotto Voce’.

‘Sotto Voce’ was eventually released in mid 2011 and received some very positive reviews from independant magazines and music blogs across Europe and the USA. Around the same time Mat began playing Bass for another band, Distorted Pictures, where he met Steve Drawbridge (Drums) and Natasha Donald (Guitar). Steve agreed to play live drums for Isolation Divisions next CD. Progress was slow dues to other commitments and a lack of confidence on Mat’s part to turn the band into a live act.

In early 2013 Natasha started learning Isolation Division songs with a view to performing some tracks as an acoustic duet. This gave Mat the incentive and confidence to try and complete a full band line-up and Warren Pasqill was recruited on Bass.

They played their first gig in 2013 and released the fir ‘full band’ album, ‘7th Magpie’ in 2014. For many reasons, including real life, health and geography, it would take another 6 years for album number three to arrive in the form of ‘The Girl the World Forgot’

Isolated… Divided… Still Dreaming…